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Cindy Roblero - NYC Street Photography

I'm Cindy Roblero and I'm a 17 year old photographer based in New York. Photography started off as a simple hobby once joining the Instagram community in 2013. A year passed and I recieved several compliments about my photographs, and knew that this was what I was good at and needed to keep pursing it. I entered my senior year of high school this year and joined the Yearbook Committee as one of the photographers and editors. My school was generous enough to purchase a Canon DSLR for the school and left it under my hands to take care for. My job...simple. Capture memories throughout the school year. Whether it be my classmates smiling/laughing in the hallways, during class, or even school trips. Whatever the scene, I was there to capture it. This grew my love for portrait photography thus my love for street photography. Since I had the DLSR under my care, I figured it was a good time to start my portfolio for not just me but for college applications. And this is my portfolio for Street Photography.

1.Street Portraits: Ever since becoming the photographer for my senior class, Portrait Photography became my favorite style and thus I demonstrated that through Street Portaits. Whether it be people in the subway, or even the random but yet intriguing people I came across in Chinatown, I took their photograph. There is something so intimate about portraits, it becomes almost personal and meaningful. Maybe I'm just crazy but you feel a connection with your subject and when you do, you take the shot.

2.Look Ups: I was never a fan of look ups since I would have to stand there for several hours adusting the settings just so I can get the image just right. But with these certain shots I was able to get a whole different perspective of the city, considering the fact that we live surrounded by skyscrapers.

3.Motion: Motion shots for me were always tricky since I'm still a beginner to DLSR cameras. So when it came to motion blur I would capture any moving objects mainly taxi's at night in SoHo. Before even having a DSLR camera, my main niche in street photography would always involve a taxi being in the frame. It gives the photograph a more detail vibe of how it is to live in one of the busiest cities in the world.

4. Night Photography: Night photography became my favorite once recieving the DLSR camera from my school. I would consistently go to Chinatown or SoHo for night photography and at time for Street Portraits. I loved the night scene better compared to daytime photography especially in New York, where it's more alive and you get a better vibe of New York versus in the daytime. With night photography you're able to demonstrate that New York is actually the city that never sleeps.

Through this lesson I discovered completely different styles of portraying the city I live in. With photography even I have the ability to share stories of those who live in this city or around me and it gave me the ability to share the cities corners and perspectives that no one else really pays mind to. I have lived in the city all my life and it wasn't till now that I discovered this is what I am good at, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, and this my city. Ultimately it wasn't till now that the city has opened my eyes to a different world. I hope in the future, my eyes are open up to different locations and people.


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