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Cincinnati Bengals - Men in Stripes

The Bengals

As you can see above, the Bengals don't have much a uniform history. Three distinct looks that have gotten worse each time. I don't live in this city or even state, but I've never been fond of their current look. And for a team that has never won a championship in a city that is baseball first, football second, having a silly uniform is just that. Silly. Since the team's redesign in '04, this set has been considered one of the worst in NFL history. The literal translation of tiger stripes with random color blocks make it very difficult to look at and the combinations of tops and bottoms creates disunity with its image (white at home in September, black on black, white on white, orange alternates).

It's time to create a another bold statement that differentiates themselves from any other NFL team, especially their fellow Ohio and division foes, but connects to the team's history and the classic football uniform.

Paul Brown's Bengals                                             Cleveland's Football Browns


I love the classic uniform in all sports, Packers, Yankees, Celtics. But as much as I want to revert this concept back to something much more traditional, the team is already known for stepping outside the box. My goal is to look into fashion and other details of a Bengal to create a modern 'classic' design that is distinctly different than other tiger-related teams.

Initial Concepts

Final Concepts


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