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Cillabella's bizhive

My biz is severalfold.

One part involves promoting, exhibiting and selling the paintings of my deceased husband, Fabian Cerredo,  who was an enormous painter and was becoming quite well known on the Paris market when he died unexpectedly at 47. To do this I have created an association, a website, a book about his painting, organise yearly get-togethers and events, and look for ways to have his work exhibited in prestigious locations. The core members of the association include two art critics, two gallery owners who regularly exhibit his work in Paris and at major art fairs, an editor, an accountant, a great professional art photographer, and a couple of his art collectors. The synergy in this group has been fantastic for the last 9 years. We meet about 4 times a year. The business model is this: The association participates in the marketing, the galleries sell the paintings and we (his family i.e; myself and our 4 kids) get 50%.

The second part is  Cillabella the Clutter Conqueror, an online course to help people declutter their homes. It lasts 30 days: people get an email giving them one short task for that day and a private facebook group. I connect with them often to encourage them. I operate between a facebook page, a wordpress website and an automated email list (aweber).

The third part involves my true passions which are working with textiles. I spin, dye, weave, knit and sew. I make one-of-a-kind clothes that I love and sell on Etsy .  (s

(still creating stock). I organise workshops in my country home in France in the spring and summer to teach people to spin, dye with local plants.  I also do painting workshops. I blog about all of this on my website and link to my Facebook page, Ateliers créatifs à la campagne, which I advertise (timidly). These workshops give me a chance to cook for my guests, which I love. I love creating a wonderful atmosphere of art, creativity and friendship.

The fourth part is painting, where I truly want to go but am very scared. I keep procrastinating. But I WILL do it, and I will make my own online painting gallery, and sell online.  I post some in my Etsy shop as welll, but my photos are lousy.


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