Meda Halmaciu

Artist and invitation designer @invitatiicouture



Cigarette Tin Watercolor Palette



This is my pocket palette. You can see how small it is compared to mu Van Gogh pocket palette and it holds 20 colors as opposed to 12, plus a rolled paper towel since I mostly use it with an aqua brush when I'm on the go.

Not all the half pans fit inside because some are a little too tall, but i have these from a painting magazine I used to subscribe to. Still have some of the original colors inside (the ones that look like dry cakes) but I have refilled the ones I use most with tube paint.

Because the tin is so thin, I used double sided tape to glue the pans to the bottom. Magnet sheet would have been too thick.

When I pant outside in my sketchbook or watercolouring book, I clip the palette to the book so I don't have to worry about it falling off.



The only thing that I don't like about it is the non white lid/mixing area, but I will try painting it white and I will also try to decoupage the lid (thanks for the idea, Alana) as I am  a Christian and non smoker and I'm always ashamed to pull my little cigarette tin out when around friends. I actually found the tin in the garbage tin in front of my apartment building last summer, but I don't want to tell that story every time I pull it out. It was shiny and new, still having the paper and tobacco remains inside. I immediately knew it was the perfect watercolor palette.




I have decorated my palette (1 layer of gesso, 2 layers white acrylic and some roses and raspberries painted with acrylic paint).

My gesso + acrylic was not succesful for making a white mixing area in the lid though. The paint peels in contact with water.



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