Ciao Ragazzi!

To be fair before talking about wine I have to come clean about something. I'm a recent graduate of James Madison University and love to poke fun at cHokie nation. That being said I have friends that attended VT and I've made the treck down 81 several times, my favorite of which was the VT/ JMU football game. However, through wine tasting I think we can all be friends. Also Boyer seems like a rad professor and I'm very interested in learning more about wine and eventually looking into opportunities to import.

My dive into wine culture was quite sudden and immerseful. It all started on my six week study abroad expereince in Reggio Calabria, Italia (way down south just north of Sicilia). We were taking a 4 week intensive Italian course at Università per Stranieri "Dante Alighieri". Not many Italians in Reggio speak english and there are rather foreign sounding dialects that still exist in the area. I was about as new to the language as I was the wine. I quickly picked up the words vino, rosso, and bianco and learned to enjoy our un-labled quarto di vino that was served with our mulitiple serving lunch every weekday. While my Italian improved my wine knowledge stayed fairly stagnant. Mostly because I never had a bad red wine in southern Italy and I was pretty happy with un-labled house wines.

I took an Italian business and regions class at JMU and it really opened my eyes to Italian wine culture. It's amazing how diverse Italy is from North to South and along with different regions come very different climates which allow various grapes to be grown. Add in unique foods and geoprachic isolation in parts of the country and it's no wonder wine is much more than just a drink to Italians.  

Last fall I found myself on my first wine tasting at Barboursville. I had no idea Virginia had a vineyard with historical "ruins" let alone we would be getting a full tour of the winery in Italian from one of the family members. I've been fortunate to return to Reggio, Milano, and Roma and am looking forward to my next journey over with my newfound wine knowledge. Cheers! 


Tonight's Wine: Montepulciano D'Abruzzo DOC
Aroma: Still getting used to it. Kinda Floral in smell with an acid like undertone. And a little bit like Monticello.
Taste: Slight cherry taste, a little earthy some sort of tree fruit/ Apricot or black cherry finish.


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