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Church of Amy

I love a lot of lady comedians, but Amy Poehler is probably my favorite. I quote Yes, Please so much that a friend of mine recently said I should define my religious views as "Poehlerism"-- and that gave me an idea. For my zine, Church of Amy, I pulled my favorite Amy Poehler quotes from her book and from the interwebs and illustrated them to make their own "gospel." This is by no means meant to mock the religious beliefs of anyone-- it's just a showcase of good advice that I often say to myself and to my friends to help get through our day to day problems, and some of these wise words have proven very helpful. Basically, it's all meant to be happy goodness.

Once I had the concept, the execution was pretty simple. I started by reading through the quotes I liked and pulling the ones that I felt made the most powerful collection altogether, covering a broad range of topics (personal creativity, stress, romantic relationships, etc.) and I made sure they were ones that inspired good imagery. I then set to work sketching them out in pencil, tracing them in ink, and scanning them. These are a few sketchbook shots:



I then scanned them in black and white, added some color, and arranged them into the zine format. This is what they look like on screen. The largest image is the poster-sized centerfold.



I printed it out and folded it up. This doesn't look QUITE as clean as I would like, but probably because I'm still a newbie at the folding and cutting part of the process. I plan to make these for my favorite Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling quotes as well, so hopefully they'll look sleeker with practice!




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