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Chuck Sugars

BRAND : Chuck Sugars

SLOGAN: No time for fussing

Chuck Sugars : Combination of Chuck Berry and the Sugar Hill Gang. My partner and I where having lunch in a 50's style diner when we mixed the two on the the table side juke box. To us, the name not only represented two great musicians but it also represented a toughness and durability in the word "Chuck" and "Sugar " represented softness in the comfort of our product.

Developed by a Los Angeles based Stuntman and a Australian Writer. We wanted to create a underwear line that would represent who we are as indivividuals . Our line is aimed towards the creative and  interesting whether it be a skateboarder in New York or film maker in Los Angeles. Our brand is not focused on blasting its name around the waistband to be seen by the masses but takes pride on settle detail and quality. 

Our goal is to provide a quality product, backed by a brand that represents who we are, at a affordable price. Who are we you ask? Below are a few examples



TAGS : 1'' x 1''                              



                                                                      "A Boxer A Brand A Inventor"



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