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Chubby Bubbles: How to Make All-Natural Bath Soap

Take advantage of Amanda Gagnon’s 6 years of soapmaking experience with this detail-rich class. You’ll learn a bit about the history and chemistry of soap, and you’ll walk through the cold-process soapmaking technique used in villages thousands of years ago, all the way up to today’s farmers market.

You’ll also see how soapers create delicious scents without chemical fragrances, and how they color their soaps without dyes. This class is fantastic if you want a creative DIY - especially since you’ll be joining soapmakers through the ages to create something natural, organic, and beautiful.



Follow the process of traditional cold-process soapmaking to produce your own 15-bar set of all-natural, artisan soap. You can use all of the ingredients in this list, or skip the extra scent and color for now for basic, pure recipe.



Along the way, you just need to upload pictures of a few steps in the process:

  • An informal sketch of how soap is created
  • Optional: Your chosen color & scent combo
  • Your workspace setup (your “before” picture!)
  • Your soap bars (your “after” picture!)

And you will walk away with your own loaf of 15 all-natural, artisan soap bars: 


You will find the outline of this class here


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