Chrysanthemum - student project

I started this and disliked it immensely.  I am a very Newbie painter (Covid 19 specialist). My son in law came over and for some reason loved it and wanted it in his law office.  He just requested that I outline the lines not painted yet in a grey color. Placed it lightly in the frame to see what the outcome would be.  I did this and actually loved it and have had so many compliments on it. It turned out perfect that way.  Thank you for his good eyes and seeing this picture that would have been on the bottom of a scrap pile through a different set of eyes!! I guess the lesson learned is never to give up on a project, look at it through a different perspective and finish what you start!

I absolutely love the way Louise paints and how she explains in details all that she does and why she does it.  Keep on PAINTING!!