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Chronicles of the Grey Angel

Drop Cap No.3

At some point I figured I was adding too much stuff onto the letter itself, so I thought maybe liberating poor D a little and putting things outside of it would be an interesting exploration.


And a digitised version:

Another idea that features the wings, the marbles, writer pen and broken hearts.  I made to variations because I really wanted to bring the flowers in. By the way, one of these flowers is also a compass. My thought was that many sensible men wonder eternally around Flores in search of a lost love, or the undiscovered love of their life.

A sketch:

And two digital attempts:



I really want to add some kind of flowery ornament to the design because the neighbourhood itself where it all happens, is indeed a major character in the whole book. Since the name of the borough is literally “Flowers” I thought adding flowers to it would fit quite well... that is, if I manage to get it right.

Here's a sketch

This is a first digitzed sketch without colour. I wanted to incorporate the broken hearts of the sensible men, their writing and the marbles of childhood memories. And of course the Angel wing has to be a prominent element.

Another idea

Here's one idea

I've been doing Ds trying to find shapes I like and I can use to incorporate elements that represent interesting bits of the book

A few ideas on some of the characters and stories I liked most. The writers Russian Salzman and Mandeb, the map and street of Flores, the tears, lost loves and broken hearts of the Sensitive Men, Running Dorkas, the dreams, musicians and artists vs Refuters of legends.

I decided I want to do a D for Dolina mainly because I couldn't really decide which world to choose from the title. So I've started looking for inspiration and playing with Ds

From the notes I took, I narrowed it all down to a list of recurrent characters and some tales that are most interesting at least for me.

Nov 12th. 

I'm still reading and taking notes. Don't want to rely on my memory :D

                                                          *  *  *

I'm easily trapped in this book's fantastic stories. They are filled with nostalgia and dream-like magic. Wish I could share this book with more people, but language seems  to be an eternal barrier and I am not aware of the existence of any translation to English or any other language.  Here's a lovely description someone wrote about it:

I just love Dolina, his radio show and interviews. He's is such an exceptional character with so many fascinating reflections and tales to share. 

Anyways, I'm excited and can't wait to get started.


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