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Chronicles of Ronieria

The reason I want to write the story

I love writing stories and books. I’ve never published a book, but I’m going to try someday.



Youth doesn’t mean you can’t save the world, even if in this world, you’re now a 13 year old in the body of an adult.



The main characters are all three flawed. Naomi Swiss is afraid of everything, and thinks she’s a stupid and worthless person. She has minor trust issues. When she is transported to Ronieria, she is scared about her 30 year old body there.

 Lila Monterey is a sassy and disobedient young girl. She never obeys and hurts everyone in her after school organization’s feelings. She is also quite lonely, which is not a flaw, but she’s a bit mad at her parents because she is. She really wants a sibling. In her adult body from Ronieria, she is known as a confident young woman.

 Elaina Blaze is a girl who gets offended easily.. Because of this, nothing gives her more joy then hurting those who offend her. Usually, her two friends stop her, unless it’s one of them, then they protect nobody. You truly deserve it if you don’t have two people protecting you.

The story will fix many of these flaws, or tone them down.



What if these three girls are attacked by a monster called the Lyrnak in Ronieria and have to overcome many flaws to defeat him?


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