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Christopher Muñoz

Fresh & Creative Since 1988



Christopher Muñoz Web Portfolio

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I try to keep my portfolio simple and precise as possible. As stated in the course, less work of more thorough process of each project is better than too many scattered projects. So, each project is treated like its own case study showing process from logo to collateral. (As needed)




3) Why is this site successful?
I think the portfolio represents who I am as a designer. It is simple and straight to the point presenting my skills as a Graphic & Web Designer. With sharp imagery & comedic copy, I am able to create a easy-going enviroment. I don't take myself seriously but I do take what I do seriously. I have different variations of projects but they all fall under the same concept in presentation. And this only leaves more room to grow and learn as a designer. This portfolio has helped me build a web presence – networking with others of the same field – and that will only help me become better at my craft.


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