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I'd love feedback on everything, including the logo that I designed. Thanks! Here's the main lockup:


3 | Color Palette

I love color...I find this exercise difficult because it's hard to choose between so many gorgeous Pantone colors. I'm looking for muted, classic, and 'refined' colors. The logo will mostly be used in black or white, but I want to provide a palette that will lend itself to memorable backgrounds, supporting graphics, and text.

Here are my initial palette options. What do you think? I am leaning toward the final row, but may swap out the secondary color in that row.


2 | Mood Board (Version 1)

I want my mood board to emphasize textures and light. The client sees his brand as contemporary and sleek, so I also included examples of sans serif logotypes.


1 | Creative Brief

Christopher Huang is a photographer & videographer in the Boston area. His portfolio encompasses portraiture, events, and promotional shots of restaurants, food, and other locales. Despite his diverse range of subjects, his work is tied together by his signature style: a talent for capturing light in unique ways, and a dedication to flawless editing and framing.

To redesign Christopher's logo, so that each photograph and video carrying his mark is injected with Christopher's personality.

Target Audience
Affluent, stylish businesspeople in Boston. Clients who value photography as both art and branding.

"Through my photos, you'll achieve the level of sophistication that your brand aspires to."

Other Boston-based photographers. For example:

Distinguishing Characteristics
Able to translate even the most mundane subject into stunning images. Christopher is candid and friendly and will make clients feel comfortable on an important day.

Creative Considerations
- Logo must work as a watermark in black and white, in several potential positions on photos (bottom or top corner, either left or right based on photo composition)
- Logo for web must be 225x90px
- Remove .com from watermark

- Elegant
- Dynamic
- Intriguing
- Classy
- Ethereal


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