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Christmas/Holiday Cards

Hello All!

I decided to make Christmas/Holiday Cards to send my family this year! I've never done it before, so I feel I need to get a head start and begin now!

This is my mood board. I just went through Pinterest and found different things I liked.The pine cones were my favorite. 



Here is a screen shot of my Watercolor Elements. I didn't make too many, I wasn't positive what I would need until I started. When I was making the cards I was able to make what I had work. If (when) I do this again I would make a lot more elements to use!


These are my finished cards!!! The first one is my favorite, and will probably be the one I print. However, the green and blue are much brighter here than in illustrator, I need to look into why! Suggestions?  




Thank you for this class, Olga! I really enjoyed making these and learned a lot!



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