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Christmas is Coming

Update: I tried using watercolor:

I'm working on a 50 Days of Christmas typography challenge and this was for day 5:

I drew a star rather roughly with a ruler and worked on sketching my text inside. It was dark out and I didn't have access to a light table at the time so I just kept erasing and reworking my text on the same page. Similarly, without access to an easier way to trace, I had to trace over all of my pencil lines with ink so I could see through my final paper. I used a thick line for the downstrokes so I wouldn't be thinking about it as much because I knew tracing was going to be rough.  I guess I should also say I've been practicing my calligraphy for several months now and was really struggling with flourishing and layout which is what this project was focusing on. 

Ignore my note to my cousin at the bottom! Haha! 

Here's the final version all inked out:

I scanned it in and worked some magic and turned it blue:

I really struggled with the word "bright" and ended up turning it 90 degrees. 

If you want to see what else I have created in this series, check out my blog or on instagram: @misskellydee or #50daysofchristmas


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