Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

Hand letterer, illustrator, master doodler



Christmas chocolate bars

Using this as a really fun opportunity to work on packaging design, and to celebrate the spirit of the season, I decided I want to create a chocolate bar label for a peppermint bark flavor. I feel like this may lead to some really fun copy (something I have trouble with) and some really fun design elements on the package itself.


I'm very inspired by anything vintage. Looking through I have found there's definitely a style I gravitate to, but I'm hoping to expand some of my inspiration and try some different lettering styles and push my own current style.

Update 11/24/14: I've been busy with some client deadlines and I overbooked myself... I'm hoping to make some extra time for this project over the holiday weekend, but I got a magazine cover project in that is going to allow me a chance to put some of this inspiration to use. :)


From my research, I can see I definitely lean to a serif letter and the ones with the fun decorative serif. That will be incorporated into my packaging, mostly because they are fun to draw. 

I chose to draw this nice little label for my initial practice because I liked the diamond shape the lettering had to fit around. I also liked the line "and they are much improved".



I think for my tight sketch, I'm going to pull elements from the bottom left and the top right sketches. I like the idea of the banner element around "Bark" in the top left option. 




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