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Christmas at Coney Island

When my roommate, my boyfriend, and I decided to go to Coney Island on Christmas Day, it seemed like the most logical thing in the world to do. None of us could be with our families for the holiday, and we didn't want to try to recreate familial traditions with each other. It was so warm outside it barely felt like Christmas. When someone suggested the beach, the other two people nodded, and it was decided. I brought my camera.


In the photo above, I think I captured the moment my roommate decided she would get in the water. There was this flash of excitement on her face, a generous and mischevious smile. 


This was a foggy day, so every shot had a little mist too it. When April decided to run into the water, she just took off. I started snapping, hoping I caught anything good. What I love about this photo is that her feet aren't touching the ground. I love the idea of her ascending over the breaking waves and into the open water.


I didn't get any great shots of her in the water, but when she emerged, there were a few of her being quiet, cold, and staring back at the water like she'd made a new friend.


This is my favorite photo from the 200+ I took that day. As April got dressed, a flock of seagulls behind her got spooked by a barking dog and took flight. The buildings behind her were half dressed in fog, some more thoroughly pronounced than others, but all of them standing in stark contrast to the wet sand. 


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