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Molly Lentz

Graphic & Web Designer



Christmas Wrap-Up

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone with this project. I've never created my own pattern but the idea of doing so is so exciting! I've loved this whole project and can't wait to continue (as Elizabeth says, practice makes perfect, so on to the next!). 

I thought it would be pretty neat to create my own wrapping paper for Christmas this year. So that's where I started. Here are some of the sketches I did:


I do need to work on my sketching... I tend to get a bit too excited and anxious to start working on the final piece that I rush through this part of the process.

Next I worked on redrawing the sketches in InkPad (thank you Elizabeth for the awesome app suggestion, I had no idea it existed and it is WONDERFUL!). Once that was complete, I brought the vector file into Illustrator to start refining my drawings. This was fun... I often struggle with not keeping my shapes simple and instead putting in too much detail that probably isn't necessary. So it took me a bit of time to find a good balance.

Once I got my objects all set up it was on to arranging them. I had so much fun trying to piece them all together and find what worked. I think I could still use a little practice in creating larger pieces and then smaller things to fill in since a lot of my "icons" are around the same size.

THEN I got to play with color - how fun!! This was my initial color combination. 

Color Combo 1

Something just seemed missing and it didn't come across as "christmas-y" as I had wanted. I knew I wanted to keep it in a muted pallette but I still wanted it to be something people would be drawn to for holiday wrapping paper. I changed the background color first and worked in some more greens and reds and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I'm anxious to try to create some additional patterns that correllate with this for a wrapping paper collection. 

Thank you Elizabeth for the amazing class - It was so fun to get an inside look into your world & process. You're so talented!


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