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Christmas Tree Hunt


Beginning- We wanted a good experience cutting down a Christmas tree for the first time, to bring home to our first house. We set out to find the perfect Christmas tree

Something happens- we arrive at the farm and notice it is empty and the trees are small- start the search

Middle- narrow it down to a section of trees- find one that fits specs of average Christmas tree

All is ruined- hmm somehow this tree isnt quite right and not what we were really looking for

Epiphany- we see the hersheys kiss tree- Huzzah! Now to cut it down, get it on the car and home safely

Ending- the tree is set up at home and though it's enormous.. it is perfect. 

Internal change for the character: notion of the "perfect" Christmas tree and a "fun" xmas tree farm changed once we got into the hunt, after meeting the owner, and standing in the little "shack"

2012, first Christmas in the new house. Mom flew in to visit and it had been 6 months of hard renovations trying to get the house ready in time. The final touch was decorating with her for Christmas. We searched for a good Christmas tree farm that wasn't all "touristy",  and by the time we were done with a couple last minute projects, we couldn't go to a big, fancy one where sleigh rides and hot cocoa abounded. Plus, this was the last weekend before Christmas. I mean it would be hard finding a tree at all!  A couple hours later, we find one that is still open, not far from our house. When we arrived, the owner's father was driving his tractor around the lot and we were the only one's there. At first I thought- Oh boy, this is a cheap little place, isn't it? But then the charm started setting in. We WERE the only ones there' it was as if we had the whole place to ourselves. The little shack was decorated and it was a cold day, sun peeking down from the clouds. Looking across the lot, we saw a lot of baby trees and it didn't seem like there were any "good" ones left. It was deceiving. He told us to walk through and sent us to a section that had some bigger trees. After perusing the possibilities for a bit, we got to a couple choices. At first, I went for the classic tall, right width, average tree. "Hmmm... something is missing." Then we saw the Hershey's kiss tree. Laughing to ourselves, we saw how ridiculously wide it was. There were questions thrown around - Will this fit on top of our car? Will this fit in our house, our living room?? Who cares; I wanted it. So he takes us back to the front, us riding on the back of the 4-wheeler seat, and searches through the shed for a saw. I'm thinking it would be a double sided lumberjacker-type saw, but he hands us a little foldable one. Back out to the lot we go and commence our own cutting. It took a little while, but it was so fun, crouched under there, sawing away, waiting for that timber moment just like it was a biscuit can ready to pop.  We finally get the tree down and put it on the back of the trailer, then it was back to the shed and ready for tying down to the car roof. My car has never looked particularly small, but it did that day- and it was no small feat to get it up onto our car either. As seen in the photo above; the tree was enormous..-ly wide. We chatted with the more than pleasant man and paid for our purchase, promising to return next year. Cringing on the way home, we hoped the tree would make it and not go careening off the car into someone or something. My mom was worried the whole way back and embarassed at what people would think. I just laughed; then she would laugh. With no close calls, we make it home and drag it off the roof. Thankfully we had french doors off the back so getting it in the house was not a problem. We did have to rearrange furniture to ensure you could still get around in the living room, but that tree was awesome and I loved it. 


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