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Gaëlle Lalonde

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Christmas Market

I was always very attracted to lettering but never got around to really get into how to do it. This class was the best introduction.

The project I chose to work on for this class was a cover page for my inscription to the alternative christmas market here in my city (Leipzig Germany). It's not the most imaginative, and I might very well follow Mary Kate's process again on an other project I already have in mind. But I really wanted to make a mark with the jury who chooses who's participating, so I thought that's the best way to do it.

First, my moodboard. The building the market takes place in is an old factory, so I was very inspired by old gears, and then the book and movie Hugo, because it's a Christmas movie and it has a lot of gears in it :P

I wanted a christmas-y feeling to my lettering, although it's may right now, which was both a bit fancy and a bit homemade. So I found some Martha Stewart christmas pictures... Isn't she the queen of homemade fancy?!!


The other inspiration was my last Christmas card, a peaceful reindeer:


I then worked on the word "Werk", which is partially the name of the place.

I was hesitating between a christmas-y theme, and a machine theme...


Than I did some thumbnails!


Then it was time for some more elaborate sketches...

I didn't really like that one so I didn't finish it, but it gave me some ideas



This is my final sketch:


I like to work with pencil in photoshop, so I decided to rebel a little there, and not ink but rather do a final just with pencil:


With a little "shadowing" on an other sheet:


.... and after a little work in photoshop, here is my final image:


I'm pretty happy with it!

It was a great class and Iearned tons! Now I'm obsessively sketching all kinds of fonts in my sketchbook! I think I am definitely going to introduce more lettering into my illustrations.

I am definitely going to try Mary Kate's other classes, and I would be super excited to get feedback, even if this class is a bit older.

Come and see me at the christmas market 2015 un Werk 2 in Leipzig Germany ;)


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