Christmas Holiday Wreath

Hello Amarilys,

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for sharing all your learnings with us on Skillshare. I've watched 90% of your courses in the last week and took the plunge and had a go. I still need to add highlights but must admit I'm a bit scared to.

Before this piece I had never liked any watercolours I had done. I would keep trying in my moleskin book but never enjoying the outcome. I have switched to cotton rag which maybe is helping my technique because it is less textured, I'm not sure but this is much improved than before so I have you with all your amazing tips to be thankful for too!

Going forward I hope to loosen up a bit more so it's more similar to my brush pen style and I think that will come with time and practice.

So once again, thank you and maybe now I have a bit more confidence to try your other projects!

Rhiannon Pettie



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