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Christmas Cheer for those far and near

Hey all,

My name is Tracey and I am a graphic design student. I have been interested in hand lettering since I started my studies and am excited to be taken this course. I have decided that I would make my own christmas cards this year for family and friends, and what would make it even more awesome is my own hand lettering. :)

My original plan was to come up with a concept and then do some linotype stamps with the final of this project, but since I have much on the go, I figured that I would just do it all digital and make it look like a stamp. This would also work nicely with the wine labels that would be needed to go on the homemade wine I am giving as gifts. 

Here is the quote I would like to do: "Christmas cookies and happy hearts, this is how the holiday starts."  The first part would be on the front and the second would be on the inside of the card. Still trying to think of some sort of graphic to go with it. I think a cookie, since it's part of the quote, but that just seems too obvious.

Below is a moodboard created from different typeography I liked or just feels, and other christmas cards that were either hand stamped or hand-lettered.


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