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Christmas Cards

I've taken a couple of calligraphy classes already, but I'm lacking in practice. I signed up for this class because I like the idea of learning over a period of time vs. trying to ask all my questions during a 2-hour class :)

By the end of this class, hopefully I'll have calligraphed (is that a word?!) a card design or two for snail mailing off to my friends abroad. 

But to start, it's back to basics for me with practicing alphabets and developing consistency. I need to work on my spacing. I learned using fountain pen ink and I find it easier to handle than calligraphy ink. Here's my lower case alphabet using fountain pen ink:

And below, in calligraphy ink--my first time to use calligraphy ink, actually.  I find it harder to get thin hairlines, or just to control the ink in general. 

I tried a more playful variation of the alphabet too:

And starting off on some phrases (and because I find it much more fun to practice with actual words):

From nursery rhymes to to Christmas carols:

And finally:

Up next: more lower case alphabet practice and a foray into capitals! 


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