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Christmas Card Collage

After taking this class I was inspired to do a collage for my Christmas Card, despite the fact that I have never sent out Christmas Cards in my whole adult life.


Since time was short to make this happen I couldn't get to the farmers market so I had to make due with Trader Joe's flower section. 

The one exception are the red "puff" flowers.I found those while waiting outside the food truck for my lunch. They came with a little surprise–as I was prepping the plants, ants started coming out of the puff flowers. I wasn't really going for an interactive piece so I had to get rid of them before I got started.

We have a long white counter at work which is where all of this went down with some help from my awesome coworkers.

I'm thrilled to be able to finally send out Christmas Cards this year. Can't thank Julie enough for helping to make it happen :)

Printed Card Update 1/4/14


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