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Christmas Calligraphy

Hi Molly and Classmates,

I am REALLY enjoying the class!  I have been doing calligraphy and hand-lettering for a few years now and have never invested the time to learn how to properly digitize my work.  I've always just done a scan and then edited the best I could in Picasa.... a decent start, but definitely NOT cutting it for presenting more polished work.  

Right now I am trying to develop a little ad I want to do.  The purpose is to encourage people to hire me to do calligraphy on their Christmas card envelopes (I'm getting an early start because I know it will take me some time to develop the ad).  I have my sketch and would love some feedback before I do the scan.  I'm trying to incorporate a cute lights strand to the flouishing, so that's what the egg things are (haha). I'm going to tweak them later once the callligraphy portion is finalized, so they will look better. I'm still not sure if I like the strand how it is right now.  I may change the flourishing just to enhance it... maybe not connect it to the "h" and let it flow over to the "C".  IDK.

I do see a few small things I want to fix, but wanted to pick your brain as well. Do you see anything that just screams "fix me!"?  Or do you have any suggestions on anything that looks off?  Any feedback would be appreciated.



To be continued.....


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