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Christmas Cake

Idea 1

One Christmas Eve/Morning when I was very young, my parents, sister and I returned home from a trip away. My parents were exhausted from their long drive and went to bed. I thought I would help my Mother out and bake the Christmas Cake that would feed the relatives we would see later that day.

I took her gigantic mixing bowl from the very top cupboard by climbing on a chair, standing on tip toes on the bench and stretching. My little sister stood by for it to be passed to her. We filled that bowl with every ingredient we could see that might go into a fruit cake [we were too young to read so it would have been interesting]. Our parents are very fastidious about their house so the mixing bowl was taken to the lino floor in the laundry. It was filled to the top and quite splishy sploshy. I stirred and stirred.

The cartoons were on the television in the loungeroom and our attention was divided.

We carried the heavy mixing bowl into the loungeroom, wool carpet, soft furnishings etc. We were careful. A  towel was placed under the bowl as it perched on the cushioned seat af the newly upholstered lounge.

I continued to stir.

Not a drop was spilled.

Then mum woke up and screamed... well you can guess the rest.

[Photo is of us when our bottoms weren't sore anymore]

Idea 2

My parents do not like animals and I was 17 before i was allowed to have a dog.He was a sheltie [miniature Lassie] named Macbeth. He loved nothing more than to go for a drive in my car with me.

I drove a hot pink VW Bettle that I paid for and had painted.

One day I had to take my car out of the driveway and Mac was attached to his 'run' that ran the length of the driveway. I allowed him into the car as the rope would slide up the runned as the car moved. What I didn't know was the rope had become tangled around the tap on the wall of the house and wouldn't move at all.

Mac was ripped around the gearstick twice then around and btween my legs before smashing the door open and denting it. The tap was ripped from the wall and had become a geiser.

My parents were not pleased. *Mac was fine just a little dazed.

Idea 3

I walked to my friends houses as a kid. One day I took a short cut through some bush and I was hesitent about that because there had been some young men with guns in there on a previous time.

I was in a hurry so I decided I had to go that way.

As I walked through I was hoping to myself that this terrifying walk was worth it and that Debbie would be home.

A voice answered my thoughts 'I don't know if she'll be there stupid so why ask!' I couldn't see anyone. They were hiding in the trees, they must be following me. All I could see was a koala.

I RAN as fast as I could and no way would I go through that bush again.

Some time later on thinking about that afternoon I realized I knew that voice... It was my own.

I had answered myself.


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