Christina's List for Journeying through Life

When I turned 25, I started a 30 things by 30 list to help me not sink into too many ruts and to keep challenging myself. Three years later, I still have lots of unchecked items on that list, but the list has changed and evolved into a bigger, lifelong list.

Here's my GoMight list (always in progress):

I also have an ongoing list of things to keep in mind that give me peace and happiness:


-Removing reasons to worry (ie job, money)


-Investing in friendship

-Being outside (as long as it's not raining)

Some of my challenges includes prioritizing, balancing aspects of my life, and trying to figure what I'm going to be when I grow up (what is my purpose). I'm hoping this process will help me focus on measureable, incremental steps, and give me the courage to tackle some of the projects.


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