Christina Angelo

Christina Angelo - student project

12.11: Currently Listening To - Perfect timing since Spotify came out with our top songs of 2020. Although, these are pretty much the only songs I've listened to for years lol. 

Christina Angelo - image 1 - student project


12.13: Creating With - I received a lot of these items from ArtSnacks. Such a great box to get every month to introduce you to new supplies.

Christina Angelo - image 2 - student project


12.17: Current Cravings - All the sweets & a little salty. Still haven't made the hot chocolate happen yet.

Christina Angelo - image 3 - student project


12.21: Favorite Corner - If you have a ton of books and nowhere to put them, I recommend a cart. :)

Christina Angelo - image 4 - student project


12.22: Toiletry Bag Favorites - Gotta go with the Old Spice deodorant! 

Christina Angelo - image 5 - student project


12.24: #Obsessed - Anyone else love woodpeckers? Lol.Christina Angelo - image 6 - student project


12.20: Grocery Run - I use a gold metallic Gelly Roll pen for adding details. It's one of my favorite pens!Christina Angelo - image 7 - student project