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Christie's Cigar Club

Christie's Cigar Club

Christie's Cigar Club fills the niche that exists for a cigar club to cover the Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Atlantic Avenue triangle--which Gowanus sits in the middle of--where people can come into a creative, speakeasy style, classic 1800’s Americana, warm environment to get away from the chaos of the city.  

Selling premium cigars and providing a place for people to relax is the cornerstone of Christie’s Cigar Club.  Patrons can also purchase a membership for the year to get a members humidor as well as other members only perks.   There will also be accessories sold including cuff links, ties, bow ties, suspenders, cutters, lighters, as well as bespoke gift boxes, all locally made.  In addtion there will be delivery to residents and local bars with back patios where patrons can smoke one of Christie’s premium cigars.  

Located in Gowanus on the corner of President Street and Bond Street.  Christie's Cigar Club sits in the middle of Park Slope, Carroll Gardens and Atlantic Avenue, three of the most affluent neighborhoods in Brooklyn.  Gowanus being the cultural, creative, night life hub of these three areas will bring residents to Christie’s Cigar Club for entertainment and relaxation.  

The underground speak-easy nature of Christie’s Cigar Club being in a 36 foot trailer along the Gowanus Canal will bring patrons for it’s creativity and it’s hidden nature to get a way and relax.  There will be local jazz and blue grass music and a clientel of creative, culturally rich patrons.  


Trailer - $1

Lot - $600/mo

Humidor - donated

Humman Resources

David Powell - Sales, membership

Neil Hickey - Infrastructure, engineering, ventilation systems

Blake Ruehrwein - Cigar aficionado, purchasing

Bernard Lin - Accounting

Customer Base

Christie’s Cigar Club’s customer lives in Park Slope, BoCoCa, or visits Atlantic Avenue for the night life or the Barclay’s Center for the concerts or sporting events.  They are college educated, in their 30s, married with 1-2 children.  They’re medium income is $90,000 and up.  They are primarely male, with a 2-4% population of females.  The secondary population is artists and entrepreneurs in their 20s-30s who live or work in Gowanus.


- Permits to sell cigars

- Marketing to let new smokers know

- Marketing to selling to local bars

Unique Qualities

- Gowanus cigar club, only one in Park Slope, BoCoCa or Atlantic Ave

- Creative nightlife activity

- No one sells delivery cigars to bars


Reapeat by opeing another cigar bar in the next up and coming location (Lefferts Garden, Bushwick, Sunset Park, LIC)



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