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Christian Relationship App

I am building an app that will allow christian couples to stay connected with each other by completing daily question challenges focused on relationship improvement.

Who is the user?  Christian couples (married, engaged, or even dating)

Why are they using your product?  Because couples must work to stay connected and improve their relationship on a daily basis.

What benefit does it have for them?  Maintaining a running dialogue with each other and motivation to work on continuous relationship improvement.

What problem is it solving for them?  Many couples experience barriers in their relationship as life becomes busy and relationship building efforts are put on the "back burner".

Why did they pick it up?  Couples will be interested in this app as both a preventative measure and a remedy to existing relationship issues

How did they hear about it?  Couples will hear about this app via word of mouth, christian speakers, church groups, blogs, social media, and radio.

What’s better?  Convenience and consistency - push notifications will remind the couples to interact with each other through the app at any point in their days when they have a few spare minutes.

Why are they using it instead of the competition?  There isn't a lot of competition - I have not been able to find another relationship app geared toward christian couples.

When do they use it?  Couples each use the app separately during their days whenever they have a spare minute (on a break at work, while the kids are sleeping, waiting for the train, etc)

Where do they use it?  At work, at home, on the street - wherever they have a spare minute.

How long do they use it for?  The app will require no more than 5 minutes a day which can be split into multiple shorter segments.

How much value does it bring them? The value will depend on each couple's committment to fulfilling the daily challenges and following the framework, but relationship improvement can be of immense value.


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