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Chris V

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Chris V.'s 2018 Channel Planning


Skill Set:  Illustration, fine art, and handcrafted items. Watercolor and Illustration is working very well for me, so I plan to continue with those while growing my channel.

Hi everyone!  Just sharing the link to my new class outline for Fashion Illustration- Watercolor Fashion Accessories.  Working on the cover image now.  Open to suggestions! 



Class Topics:  Watercolor and Line Drawing is working very well for me, so I plan to continue with those while growing my channel.




Target Student:  Ranges from the ages of 18 to 60+, which I love! Not all student profiles include a look into their personality, but from the ones who do, there are a majority of those who love to produce bold, clean, statement work, so I will continue to look for class topics that are compatible with that style. Especially since I love it myself! They also love a challenge, so I'm going to be upping the ante on that too.




Teaching Style:  It's just like my on the job training style, very free, open and unintimidating. I have already introduced classes that encourage everyone to practice art, even if they don't think they can. I truly believe everyone is creative in some way, so why not??? I want to touch on this more to make the experience more approachable for those who feel intimidated. (Elena great shout out about the healing quality of art!!!)




Channel Words: Creative Wonderland!  My goal is to produce an environment where students can escape from the world for just a little while; where they can find their happy place, while they grow their skills and creative endurance. I want it to be a place where they can reach out to me, or other students, without hesitation, but instead, expect support, encouragement and an uplifting experience.  Looking forward to growing that environment within my channel!




My vision for 2018 includes designing more cohesive class cover art, engaging more with students and getting more efficient in class creation so I can commit to making more classes!  Here's my plan for the next few months. (2/2018)  I am so pumped for 2018!!!!  :-)ca818a95

Here's an updated Class Topic Plan.  As I move forward with my classes, the topics begin to solidify and I have a clearer picture of my class strategy.  Class 1 to 3 are now complete and I am moving on to Class 4.  Still deciding on class topic but I will stay with the Fashion Illustration theme.



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