Chris T's morning

Chris T's morning - student project

Chris T's morning - image 1 - student project

Here's my morning routine.  

I don't, of course, do EVERYTHING on this paper - obviously, I'm not going to garden in the rain, or do the laundry.  And sewing and other crafts are rainy day projects.

I hope you can see it clearly; I did it on MS Word, and had to screenshot it and convert to a jpeg.  It may have lost something in translation.

I had a lot of fun (and a lot of time) refining what I do in the mornings, and the exercise has helped me focus on the important things.  I spend a lot less time fluffing around with unimportant things, and I now don't allow distractions like work email notifications distract me from MY time.

So thanks for the class; it will be valuable to me for a long time to come.  

One thing that I'm still finding difficult is being positive every single morning.  Sometimes, I simply don't feel like getting out of bed and starting the day.  These days are few and far between, thank goodness, but they do happen!  I'm not beating myself up about it any more.  Sometimes, I won't get up till 7am!

I find that the best way to overcome those difficult times is to think of what I'm grateful for, then I think up something I can reward myself with that day.  I guess I'm saying that sometimes I have to psych myself up for the day's challenge.  And that's okay.