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Chris' Info Page

This website is eventually going to be my online info page/resume.  Hopefully I can create a great one with this class!

After lesson one ...

I've knocked off the dust from my epic Geocities days and am now going to end up with something slightly more professional.  Don't get too excited, I know how great my first iteration looks.

Onward to lesson two ...

I added a contact form and map to my "contact.html" page.  I didn't like how everything was jamming together so I added some page break tags after the form elements and before the map.  Still could use some work but it looks better than most things being in a single line.

For lesson three ...

There wasn't much to add after this lesson.  I thought I had a good understanding of audio and video components embedded in HTML5, so I decieded not to add them for my project as I thought such a component would be a strange addition for my project.

Lession four, my first foray into CSS ...

I've been told that I am creative, but not necessarily with design.  When it comes to that, I've always been craving symmetry, order, and the more utilitarian solution.  SO outside my comfort zone and with the help gleaned from this lesson, I have come up with something not so different than the starter sample.  Well, there is still time to refine it.  Four lessons to go.


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