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Hi Class,

I actually finished this project some time ago and did not take the time to upload my process. Unfortunately, I lost the thumbdrive with all my process shots so I'm missing alot of the in-between work. So instead I'll try to explain it best I can. 

First, I'd like to thank Ryan for teaching this course and showing me a different way to use illustrator. No matter how many times I take one of these Illustrator-based courses I learn something different that helps me grow as an illustrator.

Ok. Here we go.

Below, I've uploaded the photo I decided to use for this project. I wanted a picture where I had on accessories to keep the building process interesting. 

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This is where I see myself in 10 years...not really...but maybe.

I used the rounded corners tool to make my head and ears. This was also my first time using the stroke menu to alter the appearance of my endpoints. Using circular endpoints does make the design more approachable and friendly. 

I did struggle with the shirt and eventually decided to go for a modified shirt, simply because I didn't have time to wrestle with the pen tool. 

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This is the end product and my current social media profile pic. Again, thanks Ryan for being an awesome teacher and putting me on to some new techniques. In the coming weeks I may revisit this project and class to get more comfortable with the process.

If you have any questions, comments, critiques, or haterade libations to pour out, please do so.

Peace and Chicken Grease.

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