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Chouette/liztaylor quote - student project

Chouette/liztaylor quote - image 1 - student project

Newest revision... idk how i feel about it

Chouette/liztaylor quote - image 2 - student project

So once I started messing around with the "pull yourself together" part of the quote and placing it with what I already traced in illlustrator the style just didnt look right with the other kinds of lettering.  Any suggestions?? also can you digitize a lipstick kiss by scanning it in and using livetrace?  I thought about adding it under the "put on some" to even out the image and add something since I dont really want to add flourishes

w someone who is opening up a salon and they really want to use the word "chouette" which means "cool" or "awesome" in French.  They have a clean and minimalist aesthetic so I have a lot more sketching to do... I also am working on a quote from Liz Taylor... "Pour Yourself a Drink, Put on Some Lipstick, and Pull Yoursef Together".  It's fun, and I thought I could play around with the texture and material lipstick...Chouette/liztaylor quote - image 3 - student projectChouette/liztaylor quote - image 4 - student project