Chore scheduler that ulitizes a point system: "The Chore Games"

My girlfriend and I live together and thus we divide our house hold chores between us. The problem is that I'm not  good at doing my chores on time or, sometimes, I forget to do the chore altogether.

Why not make a game out of it? For instance walking the dog on time is worth, lets say, 5 points. Doing laundry on the right day, as opposed, to putting off is worth 10 points. The app would alert you to do the task, then you would be given the option to hit dismiss or hit the success button. Everytime you hit dismiss the total amount of points assigned goes down by half, once the points hit zero then the task is considered a fail. The app would then keep a running "score" of sorts.

The app can used by an individual or between competing individuals using separate phones.