Choosing a planner that is right for your needs

Which Planner is right for your needs?


Class Topic: Choosing a planner that is right for your needs

Class Description:

For as long as man has been able to write and had a need to schedule his day, there has been a need for a planner of some kind. Whether it is one to help you run your household - with menus, shopping lists, babysitting needs, emergency contacts, etc. to a daily planner that you take with you everywhere, where you write notes, your appts, contacts - some have space for credits and even your checkbook. With all of these needs, there are a dozen different types, styles, costs.. of planners out there. So how do you know which one is right for your needs. 

  • Do you need one just for your home?
  • Are you a teacher and need one for your classroom?
  • Do you need one for the office?
  • What about your daily needs?
  • Do you need one on your wall at home for everyone in the family to use?

By the end of my class you will have an understanding of what your needs are and where to find the right planner for you - even if that means you have to create one. 

Class Project:

Project is simple. You will create a checklist of your and your family needs to determine what style would work best for you. You will be given links to multiple companies to review their planners based on their photos and descriptions. From the checklist and the review, you will submit a simple report of which planner your need and why.

For those that don't find a planner that is already out there that fits their needs, my next class will show you how to make one! 

Megan Scott
Just a nerd who enjoys being creative!