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Choose to shine like the sun in the mornings and the stars at night.


After taking Mary Kate's class I've been praticing and have gotten much better <3 I'm really pleased and happy with my hand lettering skills now! Here are a couple of things I've lettered below.


I added this to my society6 shop as well as some new hand-lettered pieces if your interested : click here

Thank you so much Mary for all the help and videos. :) I'm having so much fun lettering after finding what works for me.  Thank you everyone for all the kind comments. :D


Hi everyone! I'm Lala. :)

I wanted to create a fun motivational quote and after many changes and tons of sketching I finally settled on a layout and inked it and everything. I am pleased and I enjoy that it has it's imperfections and whimsicalness. It's fun. I had trouble with everything becoming a shape or vector and realize if I am to color some of my letters I have to trace over them with the pen tool. My N and U when I livetraced it are connected and not seperate and this has been happening alot. :(  Well besides that I'm excited to color! 

If you would like to see the first process of everything : click here


Color Schemes


So I wanted to test an area before I did anything else to see how this process would look with my traced words had to fix things but it works great. I love adding texture. Now to complete the rest.

Coloring in Illustrator

adding texture 


Different colored background choices



I liked how it ended up but there is always room for tweaks and improvements comments are welcomed :) This was a fun project for me :D


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