Choi Hyunwoo, "Henry Choi" - Character Study

[Based on a future story set in 1900s England]


Name: Hyunwoo Choi

  • His English name is Henry Choi. 
  • He only goes by Hyunwoo with his two younger brothers and his grandfather.


  • At the beginning of the story, he is 16 years old. By the end, he is 32
  • Dark brown, almost black, eyes
  • Wavy, medium length black hair
  • Grew up with his Korean mother, so he only speaks a little bit of English, despite growing up in England. 
  • Wirey build, toned but edges on the skinny side. 
  • Is 165cm tall.


  • Has a generally optimistic personality. 
  • Is very protective of his brothers.
  • Tends not to take good care of himself/always puts others needs before his own. 
  • Has a good work ethic/take initiative. 
  • Tends to let fear direct his decisions/will overthink things to the point of not doing anything. 
  • Uses humor to mask his true emotions and state. 


  • Happy: Loud laugh, crinkles eyes, very touchy-feely
  • Sad: Works himself harder, doesn't eat, zones out, don't cry
  • Angry: Silent, grits teeth, clenches fists, glares, but won't say a word. 
  • Stressed/Anxious: Rubs hands together, pulls his hair, doesn't sit still. 
  • Embarrassed: Rubs back of his neck, winces, backs away slowly. 
  • Chill: Makes noises, cracks knuckles. 


  • Can be passive.
  • Won't stand up for himself. 
  • Tends to let fear direct his decisions/will overthink things to the point of not doing anything. 

Internal Conflict: 

  • Wants to be with his younger brothers, but also wants what he thinks is best for them-which he can't offer- more, even if it causes pain. 
  • Fights against self-deprecating thoughts. Doesn't believe he is worth time/effort/love. 
  • Struggles with rejection and abandonment from his father/grandfather. Doesn't know how to grieve the death of his mother or the future separation of him and his brothers. 
  • Doesn't know how to reconcile with Minjae [next younger brother], who has rejected him completely after being separated, while trying to reconnect with Seongjae [youngest brother].


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