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Chocolate Cat Logo

I have a friend that cooks awesome sweets that he likes to call: Brigadoreos. It's a mix of Brigadeiro and Oreos.

Brigadeiro is a sweet common in Brazil that uses butter, sweetened milk and chocolate powder such as Nesquik.

This friend is also crazy for cats, so when prompted with the challenge to design an animal logo, I had the idea to give him a logo for his sweet. 

My concept was:

  • Black/dark and white colours – Chocolate and Oreo, respectively.
  • Cat as an animal.
  • Organic and even better if it could be almost round - Brigadeiros are like balls


With that in mind, I made a small moodboard and chose this picture as my reference. It's a cat in front-view, with a round face and in High-resolution.


Since I already knew most of the geometry that I wanted for this logo and since I already had a good face as a reference, I made only a few sketches until I was satisfied.

This is me making the logo

Here's the grid behind it.


Here's the final version



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