Chocolate Bar Packaging

Chocolate Bar Packaging - student project

Really enjoyed this project, and not just because it gave me an extra excuse to buy chocolate for R&D purposes ... I am from the UK but currently living in Canada so used that as a source of inspiration for this design. I wanted to create a fun and modern chocolate bar with a twist of tradition. The bear emblem is inspired by First Nations art and the tree pattern by the Canadian boreal forest landscape. The flavours of the chocolate are not tried and tested but I like the idea of them.

I wanted to go for organic textures so decided on Kraft paper for the overall material, with a colour banner wrap around the middle to hold the design together. I also imagined that this banner would be changeable depending on the flavour as it has the ingredients listed on it too. Therefore the main Kraft packaging could be produced in bulk and the colour wrap applied to the corresponding flavour. The barcode and extra bits would be applied as a sticker.

Thanks for this class Lindsay, I hope you like my designs and I look forward to your thoughts!

Chocolate Bar Packaging - image 1 - student project

Chocolate Bar Packaging - image 2 - student project