Chloe the Fabulous Girl!

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - student project

Starting off with my project, I'm getting a feel for how Chloe will look and her personal style will be. Long hair with an eye for versatility gives a lot of room for fun. One of my favorite clothing stores is, and I'm thinking my Fabulous girl will be inspired by vintage looks that are modernized for comfort and work appeal. Some samples of their clothes can be seen here:

I'll probably sift through their party clothes and work clothes to come up with the perfect outfit for Chloe as the new "Fabulous" girl. I'll look up such icons like Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and other fabulous ladies of that sort.

Not only that, but I want Chloe to represent my size group as well as age group, so I think I will make her a plus sized gal. 

I've done digital drawings of such projects before, but not one specifically for this class. It should be fun! Here's an example of my Modcloth dressed girls: 

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 1 - student projectChloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 2 - student project

I think going this route, with a plus sized girl, will take a lot of time and patience, getting plenty of reference of models as well as a lot of inspiration from vintage inspired outfits that are comfortable as well as versatile. I'm a modest girl, so this is perfect for me, and for Chloe, too!


Got some reference photos of the fabulous ladies I mentioned earlier: 

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 3 - student project

The beautiful Jane Russell has a smoldering look that no man can resist! She's powerful and lovely, and has knockout curves. 

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 4 - student project

The gorgeous Audrey Hepburn makes The Little Black Dress a woman's staple in her wardrobe! I love the back of this dress, and the bateau neckline is so lovely and modest. 

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 5 - student project

Here is a photo of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, both looking fabulous, yet comfortable in their own skin. That's the key for Chloe, style that showcases her true colors and lets her be herself (even if she's acting a part, like at work!). 

I've also found a couple of images of the wonderful Fashion Illustrators who inspired me to pursue this industy in the first place, even before I discovered our wonderful teacher: David Downtown and Rene Gruau.

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 6 - student project

Rene Gruau's work is easy to spot, as his lines are bold and his colors are bright. His figures are full of grace and poise, which is something I want Chloe to have in her illustrations. 

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 7 - student project

David Downtown is very similar to Rene Gruau in his line work, but it's far more simple and he uses negative space to accent positive space. I love his loose and fluid brushwork, and the simplicity is so elegant. 

So all in all, lots of inspiration from lots of sources. I'm really looking forward to finding some plus-size models for reference for when I start drawing sketches of Chloe. So much fun!!

Another Update!!

Found a good plus size reference here:

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 8 - student project

She's got the perfect pose for what I plan on doing. Started with some digital sketches for templates when I get started on the final product in watercolor:

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 9 - student projectChloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 10 - student project

So I drew out a couple outfits on her, a work outfit and a party/going out outfit.

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 11 - student projectChloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 12 - student project

I know I'm only doing one illustration for the class, so I'm starting with some digital ideas first before I start on the rough sketches on paper. I'll probably look up some more poses to work from. It's a good start!

Quick Update!

Took the template I created into Photoshop (rather than Autodesk Sketchbook, which is where I drew the previous images) and drew up a few more sketches. I really like the outfit that she's wearing in this one:

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 13 - student project

So I'll start the same process on a couple other poses, and I'll add those in my next update. I like these outfits! So that gives me three outfits so far: A work outfit with a pencil skirt and a tied blouse, a dress with an asymmetrical hemline, and a casual dress with puff sleeves and a tied waist. It's coming together! 


So a couple more poses and a couple more drawings:

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 14 - student projectChloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 15 - student project

So I have three colored drawings of three different outfits. I printed out the outlines to let my family/peers decide between them, and then I can start the process of starting the painting itself. Really loving Chloe now that she's been fleshed out. I like the outfits too. Simple and elegant, but oh so fabulous! She had style and pizazz, perfect as the Fabulous Girl!


So upon searching for clothing items for the finall illustration, I found it very difficult to match the second outfit, the work outfit. Tie blouses you don't see very often (or at the retail spots I searched, even Modcloth). So instead of endlessly searching for items that match what I drew, I made a Modcloth outfit and drew it instead. I love the second pose the most, and I've had a couple agree with me, so I used that pose:

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 16 - student project

The items include three pieces from Modcloth: the Ignite the Night Dress, Just a Snippet Necklace, and Shoe of Hearts Heels. You can get them here:

They're all on my wishlist, to be honest! 

So yeah, I love the bright color of the dress, and the shoes are just to die for. This outfit is not only work appropriate, but would look great at a dressy party or a girl's night out! Versatility at it's finest! Can't wait to sketch it out and start the final product!

Update for the new year! It's been a busy holiday, since my fiancé and I have been house hunting. Anyways, I've begun a painting in watercolor on illustration board. Still a bit rough, but with some more time it should be good to go! Looking forward to watching the last of Jennifer's videos and finishing this up! 

Here's a pic of the progress:

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 17 - student project

Sorry if the photo is sideways, late night phone update!

Cant wait to finish!

Final Update! 

Spring semester has begun and it took me some time to get around to finishing my illustration. It was a fun process trying out Ms. Lilya's technique, though I did still use just watercolors rather than acrylics. I was working on a 15"x20" piece of Illustration Board. It reacted differently to the watercolors, but I think it still turned out alright. 

Here is the finished product:

Chloe the Fabulous Girl! - image 18 - student project

Presenting Chloe, the Fabulous Girl! Her hair is tied back in an elegant high ponytail, with a pair of platforms and a classic shaped blue chiffon dress. I wanted her to be plus sized, so I kept her that way!

Looking forward to seeing the finished products from everyone else!

Eva Wilson
Graduate Student and Fashion Illustrator