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Chiropractic Utopia

Vision: Every Man, Woman & Child on the planet has an opportunity to visit with a Chiropractor and be adjusted when necessary from birth.

I want to help our Chiropractic profession share it's beautiful philosophy with the world.

Right now, USA has about 50k Chiropractors, the Philippines has 3 or 4 for the whole country. (Not 3 or 4 thousand, 3 or 4 Chiropractors total), India has zero. In Peru there are about 20 Chiropractic offices owned by a single individual. Dominican Republic has very few. It is like this around the majority of the world.

There is so much opportunity to share Chiropractic and yes make money too. But my real passion is when I'm sitting with a person and sharing the true philosophy of Chiropractic and the person's eyes light up and says, "Oh my I never knew what Chiropractic was all about, I should have been here a long time ago." This response happens almost on a daily basis in my office.

If I can help share this vision with the rest of the world, the healthcare of the entire planet would shift.

I am not talking about your Dad's or Granddad's version of Chiropractic from the late 70's - 90's... Those Chiropractors got lost from properly educating patients to milking the insurance companies for every last buck. I'm referring to the true philosphy of Chiropractic. The last 8 -9 years I've been growing a very successful practice on one single principle. The Major Premise of Chiropractic.

I would love your assistance & guidence to leverage the social media platforms to share this beautiful philosophy with the world. Thank You for taking time to read this.... I look forward to working with you.

Dr. Frank Hahn

Dr. Frank Hahn


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