Chipi Art Prints

Chipi Art Prints - student project

Hi everybody! So happy I found this class, it was very helpful. Also, I like the feeling of community I get from looking at all the beautiful projects in the gallery. 

My story is quite short and simple. This year in April I moved to London and I had to start everything from scratch. I used to own a beautiful interior design studio in Bucharest, which I ran with my partner for 5 years. But when I moved here I just felt I need to go in a different direction and explore other things. So I started creating, first digital products for my Etsy shop, then I started painting, and then I discovered POD sites. And I keep discovering new things everyday, it's so exciting, and sometimes gets a bit overwhelming.

Chipi Art Prints - image 1 - student project

Chipi Art Prints - image 2 - student project


Chipi Art Prints - image 3 - student project

For now I cannot say I make any relevant money on POD sites, just recently my Society6 started selling, and it seems to be pretty constant for a month now. So I hope it will keep growing. What I noticed there is that the likes are pretty important, so the more you connect and engage with other artists, the more they will follow and promote you back, and this is how you get sales. There are a few society6 Facebook groups you can join where you can promote your art.

For Redbubble I don't have any advice, as I didn't yet sell anything there. :)

So here are my shops:

My Etsy shop (it's not actually a POD, but it's making the most money for now, so maybe it will inspire some of you):

My Society6:

My Redbubble:

My Teepublic (this is very very new, I just started it a few days ago, after watching this class):


So thanks Nic for sharing this class with us and for creating this community. Also I need to say this, I love the song you chose! I find myself coming sometimes back to your class just to listen to the few seconds at the beginning of a video. :))

Have a happy creative journey everybody!



Kris Kivu

Artist, Illustrator, Interior Designer