Chino Hills | Skillshare Projects

Michelle Liu

Graphic Designer and Web Developer



Chino Hills

Really loved this class! My camera's out of commission right now, but I'll try to upload my sketches etc when I can.

My hometown is Chino Hills, and since I don't really have much choices for markers on hand, I found myself grabbing a silver Sharpie and a nearby piece of black foam as my weapons of choice. I went through several sketches, practiced/refined some more on tracing paper, then finally just went ahead and did it on the foam for the final result.

I wanted to add color to the border and the hill, so I used a color layer set on Multiply. But, I don't really like how rough it turned out, and I feel like it could be improved composition-wise as well...

I wanted to add a background behind it with the lettering in front, but couldn't seem to find a way that looked right. 




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