Chinese Puppy

Chinese Puppy - student project

I recently moved back from Germany after 7 months in Shanghai. The thing I will miss the most from China are the cute dogs, mostly poodles...which I don´t like normaly. Dogs in China have funky haircuts and rad clothes and shoes. That was my inspiration for this project, but first the early steps.

My first two shapes were a dancing monster and a unicorn.

Chinese Puppy - image 1 - student project

Chinese Puppy - image 2 - student project

To experiment with lines I did a Joy Division inspired landscape:

Chinese Puppy - image 3 - student project

Then some wording...

Chinese Puppy - image 4 - student project

...something I like to call Fuzzy Meow

Chinese Puppy - image 5 - student project

The splodge + depth + texture

Chinese Puppy - image 6 - student project

And finally the Chinese puppy:

First step: the overall shape

Chinese Puppy - image 7 - student project

2nd Step: Depth and some texture

Chinese Puppy - image 8 - student project

Last step: Wording

Chinese Puppy - image 9 - student project

Hope you like it :) Glad to hear your comments...

Catalina Villa
Industrial designer / Visual thinker / Traveler