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Chinese Jewelry

It is always easier said then done: know where are you going is the key to come up with a good and clear idea. Considering that the work was made for a chinese friend it added some difficulty to a project.

So I decided to make a research using differen search enginges: chinese and japanese, as well as google translate (a tip for those who are dealing with clients from other countries, espesially asians). I knew that that the charecter in the middle is the same one as in Tokyo, so finding some works of other people that could inspire wasn't an issue.

Then I took a notebook and sketched few ideas that where very helpful to stay focus on the original idea. Turst me without this step it's very easy to be taking by the flow and never know where you will end up. After considering few references I decided to make the logo in a circle, adding a bit of details in the inner part which helped creating an asian look. The symbol in the middle was ispired by the top view of ruby, charecters naturally came incide of it.

All the work took me around 3 hours. I added simplified version of chinese charecters and put english lettering. 

Hope you guys like it



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