China Exchange 2010 (nonsense piece)

I found this project a little tricky when cutting out hair, but to be honest all it takes is a bit of time and patience. I tried out the technique shown in the resource link provided by Meg for hair, but I found that smudging the hair left an unnatural look on my work. 

After playing around a little bit and some frustration, I decided that the best way to tackle hair was to cut out my image roughly around the hairline, then change it to a layer mask, select the layer mask and then use a black/white brush to add/remove strands of hair/flyaways to the image, whilst using a copy of the original image underneath the layer mask layer with low opacity.

Whilst I'm not overly keen on the colours I used in this image, I was more concerned with practicing the pen tool and working with layer masks for this outcome. I'm satisfied with the hair cut out as a first attempt.

The image of the boy comes from a photograph taken whilst on a university exchange programme in 2010, thus the text choice. I appreciate that as a whole, this image doesn't make much sense!


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