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Chimaraw: Premium Super Food Erva Mate

In September 2011, my friend rode my motorcycle solo from here, New York City all the way down to Porto Alegre, Brazil. It was a very taxing enterprise, both physically, as well as mentally. If it weren't for his low levels of cholesterol, excellent hydration, a sharp mind to react to road conditions, a fit body, and I don’t think he would’ve been able to complete the journey. Leandro's habits of drinking erva mate on a daily basis had a lot to do with the success of his trip. 

I was mesmerized with Leandro's testemonial. So, I decided myself to experiment Chimaraw for a month to test the benefits. And now I want to help my friend with a label for his product.

CHIMARAW is a herbal raw tea  that helps people pursue a healthy life.  Specialized nutritional infusions that enable you to lose unwanted pounds, get a boost of extra energy, facilitate proper digestion, promote healthier skin and hair, lower your cholesterol, enrich your immune system, have a healthy heart, and improve overall health and appearance. It's green. No flash heating as it is slowly dehydrated at 100 F. 

Regarding the Visual Identity, there is a lot of room to work. So a  big rubber stamp is my idea. It will be easier, beautiful, craftty and "raw" solution. It's been ages that I don't feel quite excited about a project. It is still in progress, but I had a lot of fun and I felt free while I was sketching. Which are the premises for what I consider a good work. Unfortunately, I just posted the last minute. But better now than never.


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