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So I've picked my book for Jessica Hische's class - Introduction to Lettering: One Letterform at a Time - and I decided to go with The Thing Arroung Your Neck, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

It's a collection of short stories that focuses on nigerian women, exploring concepts like identity, family and home. It was a really good book, very surprising stories and a beautifully written.

You can also find her on TED doing a talk on storytelling.  She is amazing! :)


So I'm finally got around to uploading a few of my sketches. I've decided to go with the letter C, for Chimamanda - the first name as opposed to the last. I started out by making a list of the elements in the diferent stories that caught my eye, and then try to find the matching ones between them.

I was mostly inspired by the botanical elements refered in the book, as well as the warm patterns and colors that are described. The reason for is,mnot because Chimamanda's stories don't have enought to go on, but because the book is a compilation of short stories and the botanical elements and landscapes are the common link in all of them (whether the action is happening in Nigeria or in America - as they are referenced manny times). Also, as flowers are a symbol of femininity, I wanted to try to find a non-cheesy-way of incorporating that (as this are stories about women).

After this I started playing around with the letter and it's shape and possible compositions.

As far as patterns and colors go, I've been looking at examples like these vibrant and alive examples:

I feel that when I start working on some of this sketches on the computer, things will start to come together.

Hopefully I'll have a few more things next week! Trying not to be toooooooo behind scheduele.


So I've been playing around with some of my sketches digitaly, and this is what I've got som far:

My two favourite so far are the two on the right side, with the rectangles. I kept insisting on the botanical aspects of the book, not only because of feminine symbolisism but also because, I feel like they are important references to the culture and personal identy of the main characther in the book. And I wanted to get it right!

I'm gonna give it a day and then look at them again, and see if my feelings have changed about them. Maybe I neet to reduce the colors... suggestions?

20. Feb 2014

I know it's been way to long. BUT I felt like I was rushing the class and I wasn't very happy with any of the work that I was doing. So, I decided to step away from it. And earlier this week decided to look at it again. Think about my concepts, AGAIN. And research a bit more, AGAIN.

But most importantly, I step away form ym computer. I tend to be more of a tradional person (unfortunately?), and I was kind of going crazy with everything.

So I got back to good ald paper and pen and watercolour. And I am so much happier! :)
I'm still not entierly finished with this, but here is an uptdate.

26. Feb. 2014

So here is where I am at the moment. I like it, but I want to try something else before i make my final decision.


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